Sunday, April 23, 2006

Division of labor, Pesach-style

Best news of this recently-passed Passover: After over 20 years in this neighborhood, we finally found a decent cleaning person (thanks to a member of our synagogue's Egalitarian Services committee, which runs an egalitarian minyan a few times a year). I've been looking for someone reliable (having been "stood up" less than 48 hours before Pesach at least once) and good (having once had to re-clean the kitchen for Pesach after the cleaning person left) for so many years that I was half tempted to say a shehecheyanu!

Latest organizational efforts:

1) Shopping
There's nothing near here anymore, and I'm getting too old, sore of shoulder (must call physical therapist), and prone to carpal tunnel problems in the wrists to be schlepping (dragging, carrying) packages from thither and yon on my back (in a backpack) or using my wrists (with one-two grocery bags in each hand). So, effective last Pesach, we settled on taking a subway and bus to the nearest Orthodox neighborhood, cleaning out the kosher supermarkets and stores, and bringing the loot home by taxi. Works like a charm.

2) He pays, I prep.
With Pesach falling at roughly the same time as the U.S. tax deadline, Punster, CPA is a bit busy preparing tax returns to be of much use in preparing for Pesach, though the extra money certainly doesn't hurt in paying for the extra shopping. So I do most of the pre-Pesach preparation. Oy, don't ask. :(

3) He cleans up afterward, I recover. :)
The poor soul has done almost all of the putting the Pesach things away and taking the chametz things out.

Which accounts largely for the fact that I was able to spend most of the day cleaning the apartment, writing checks, and (you guessed it) blogging and/or catching up on my blogging archives. (There were six posts that I hadn't had time to copy into my Word file. I can't remember the last time I got that far behind.)

Unfortunately, this division of labor works best only in those years when the tax season is over at about the same time that Pesach is. Otherwise, it takes a lot more time for the apartment to get put back together, as the poor man is still buried in tax returns.

I hope that the rest of the work will be finished by next Sunday. The Punster still has a few things to put away, and I have to do my annual inventory of non-perishables stashed on the Pesach-storage shelf. When we went shopping, I forgot to take my list of what we already had in storage, which is why we now have enough kasher l'Pesach white vinegar and tuna to last us roughly another two Pesachs.

Hope you had an easy time getting your homes back together.


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